10 Different Types Of Durian

You Should Know About

Durian fruit has a lot of hype and controversy surrounding it and it takes pride by being known as ‘King of Fruits’ in the South East Asian region. A little unknown fact is that Durian is like an umbrella term. Durian fruit comes in many types and there are 30 recognized species of Durian fruit.

Read ahead to make yourself aware of the most common Durian species:


1. Mao Shan Wang

This is the yellow color, Durian. Also known by names like Cat Mountain King, Rajah Kunyit and Butter Durian, ‘Mao Shan Wang’ tastes bittersweet and sweet.

The interesting thing is that one fruit can have two distinct tastes.

2. Durian Black Thorn

This Durian was recently registered by DOA. In Malay, it is known as Duri Hitam while it is known as Ocee in Chinese.
The Black Thorn gets its name from remains of flower stamen, still attached at the bottom. It looks like a skinny Black Thorn.

3. Sultan Durian

Known as D24 or Sultan Durian, the outer green spiked covering has an inner fruit, which has a brown-yellowish texture. The inner fruit is mostly distinct but it can also be overlapped from the middle. In the taste, you will find it very creamy and buttery.

The fruit is native to Pahang, Johor and Cameron Highlands. 

4. XO

The name sounds unique and so its inner content. The fruit is bitter and extremely soft. It resembles meat filled with alcohol.
You can obtain XO from regions of Johor, Genting and Cameron Highlands.

5. Golden Phoenix

It has a pale whitish color and is known by Jin Feng. Hailing from Johor, this particular Durian has pungent fragrance and more water content inside the fruit. It is also more affordable than Mao Shan Wang.

6. D101

The orange colored Durian is appealing, light on your stomach and garnished with a creamy sweet taste. The insides of a fruit look like a grilled meat and are available in regions of Pahang.

7. Red Prawn

It has an intensely sweet flavor and its price is mostly in terms of 400g and 800g of fruit. The fruit takes its name red prawn because the inner fruit resembles a reddish brown prawn.

Red Prawn Durian is also known by the name of Hong Xia and Ang Hay.

8. Durian D2

D2 Durian is one of the oldest Durians of Malaysia. It was registered in 1930 and has quite a fan following all around the country.

The inside fruit has puffy flesh with strawberry-like taste.

9. Durian D88

This species of Durian has a distinct dry & hard texture. Therefore, it is commonly known as potato of durians.
Pale yellow thorns, accompany the sweet fruit which has a mild taste. If you cannot eat Durians with a strong scent, try Durian D88.

10. Kampung Feature Durian

The most affordable of all Durians and the best part is that the inside fruit is unpredictable. They can be sweet while Durian next to it can have a bitter taste.


The nature of the fruit is

very sweet, juicy and fibrous.

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It has a reddish outer covering and

looks like a sea urchin.

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