Durian Tour for Corporation and Company

An act of generosity is attributed towards Steve Jobs – the creator of Apple. Once upon a time, an employee of his company arrived late at the office. Steve Jobs offered her a Jaguar and said ‘Don’t be late anymore’.

While not all companies can readily give away Jaguars, they can pretty much take employees and corporate guests on an indigenous trip to Pahang – the area famous for Durians.


1. The Special Attention for Corporate Culture

Corporate culture is different from a casual trip. You will have local and quite possible, international guests of your company and making an impression is everything.

While you may get tempted to not plan anything and try Durians from arbitrary stalls, rest assure that this would be a very bad move for your career. Your colleagues will think that you don’t have much planning skills and if anything does not go according to plan, the blame of trip will fall upon your shoulders.

To make everything perfect, you need to hire services of a reputable trip organizer.

2. Durian Natural Farms

City life takes its toll on people. We get so much busy on our laptops and smartphones that we indirectly miss the opportunities which nature offers us.

Visiting Durian natural farms is one of the best ways to replenish your body. The lush green fields and a day away from digital electronics will make you feel more energetic.

3. Making an Impression

Company trips are mostly to entertain foreign guests. Durians are a famous product of region of Pahang and they are pretty famous all over the world.

Going to a trip of Durian natural farms and making healthy impressions will help improve relations with your guests. Who knows, by one trip, your company could benefit via huge profit.

4. Boss and Employees

To make employees feel connected with a company, bosses of different companies try to organize private trips to Durian farms. Everyone eats, buys Durians in bulk and have a good time. These good times serve as a memory.

On trip day, there is no seniority and everyone equally enjoys. To make people take interest in the trip, there is food, there is good music and people come in colorful clothing.

It is important to bring cameras so that you can make memories with your colleagues. From boss’s point of view, when you give a little relaxation to employees in form of trips, the working of employees is greatly enhanced and they feel more connected with the company on a personal level.

‘Life is like an ice cream. Enjoy it before it melts’. It is important to have a good time and one of the best ways you can entertain your company is via trip to Durian natural farms. With everyone enjoying, you will create a very powerful memory of your professional life.

5. Things to Need

Bring water to stay hydrated and mosquito repellant to get rid of mosquitos.

Know that the trip is contingent upon private booking and while you are on the Durian natural farms, the price of bought Durians needs to be paid by you.

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