4 Days Durian Itinerary of

Karak, Bentong, Raub and Sungai Klau

There is a lot of Durian eating-places but the best ones are in Karak, Bentong, Raub and Sungai Klau. These places are famous for a wide variety of Durians as well as availability of fresh Durians, 24/7

Check out our 4-day durian itinerary in Karak, Bentong, Raub and Sungai Klau.


Day 1 – Karak

Sungai Dua (Bentong) Durian Orchard – Karak, Pahang, Malaysia.

A farm located on Sabai Estate, Sungai Dua (Bentong) Durian Orchard is owned by friendly owners, who themselves are very passionate about Durians. If you want to obtain fruits in bulk, you can also get a good price. This orchard has almost 200 trees of wide varieties of Durian. Included types are Musang King, D24, D2 and Kampung Feature Durian.

Kampung Sungai Dua Durian Orchard – Kampung Sungai Dua, Karak, Pahang, Malaysia.

A medium sized Durian orchard near Bentong. This orchard has almost 300 trees of wide varieties of Durian. Included types are Musang King, D24, D101, Red Prawn, D88 and Kampung Feature Durian.

Do bring mosquito repellants and a hat/umbrella when visiting the farms as due to intense heat and humidity, you may find mosquitos among tall grass and trees.

Day 2 – Bentong Durian Stall

A cool picnic spot for eating Durians. The view of the scenery is very awesome in this part and people mostly bring their families and kids for making a memorable experience.

Bring your camera and capture the smile of your loved ones, while trying different varieties of Durians, sitting comfortably at Bentong Durian Stall.

Day 3 – Raub

Durian Farm

Located in Gua Musang, Raub District, you will be taken to a homely Durian farm, where you will get involved with helpful staff that will answer all your Durian queries. You can also try the fruit, upon permission.

Musang King Raub Restaurant

This place has fruits as well as a restaurant. While you may find higher prices at this place, do try to bargain if you are interested in buying fruits.

People mostly come here in form of squads. They listen to music, order food, try Durians and have a good time.

Raub Durian Orchard – Eddie

A popular tourist attraction in Raub District, this place is famous for people who are newbies in terms of eating Durians.

The staff is very friendly and they will tell you tips and tricks of spotting fresh and ripe Durians. The place receives so many visitors that if you are going outside of Durian season, you may not find any fruit.

Overall, you will find this place much quieter than other Durian farms. This trip can be an exotic trip for your family.

Day 4 – Sungai Klau

Gor Fok Durian Farms

These Durian farms of Raub district have a sitting place, a picnic spot and they offer a nice place to try Durians. People have also benefited from their YouTube Durian tutorials.

Hope you would like our 4-day plan.

NOTE: We will visit the famous Durian farms of these places but upon unavailability and unforeseen circumstances, places can change. Rest assures that you will have the best Durian experience of your life.

This trip itinerary is only for private transportation and upon going to durian farms, know that you have to bear durian expenses on your own.


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