Durian Tour for Friends, Family and Small Group

Pahang is one of the best Malaysian districts if you want to try Durian for the first time. However, inside Pahang, you will find many sellers who don’t sell quality Durians. Trying Durian is always fun, whether it is your first time or 11th. Adding icing to cake, your trip can be more fun if you try to visit picnic spots.

Friends, bachelors, people on honeymoons, travelling strangers – our travel plans are in harmony with everyone. Providing professional service to our guests, we believe in making you happy.


1. Travelling in Group

It is always fun to travel with friends and family than riding solo. You get to make memories and have lots of fun. When you get old, you will cherish the memories and become closer to your loved ones.

2. The Science of Durian

The region of Pahang is famous for Durians. While you can obtain Durians from any place in Pahang, won’t you like to know a little about is natural habitat? How is it growth? And what dishes can one prepare from them?

A lot of Americans come to Pahang district and make a vlog about tasting Durians for the first time. They like it so much, that they decide to visit native Durian producing lands and capture their experience. You too can do this.

3. Instant Social Media Popularity

The subject of Durian has always been interesting all around the world. With a small effort, you too can get famous on social media.

The easiest part is to book your trip with a friend and try to have a friend in the squad, who hasn’t tried eating Durians before. When he/she is about to eat, film his/her experience. The way another person makes a mouth or feels satisfied with the taste, turns a lot of heads because people have heard a lot about Durians but when the reactions of people eating Durians, they get surprised.

For more uniqueness, you can make individual recipes, told you from helpful farm guides and know about the growth of Durian tree.

Things to Bring

You need to bring water, cap and try to wear bright clothes. This is important because the area around the farm can get very humid so you need to take care of yourself. Wearing bright clothes is recommended because mosquitos don’t get as much attracted to you as they get towards dark colored clothes.

Bring a camera and your real self to make memorable memories.

Why Us?

You will hardly find a better itinerary of Durian trip all over Pahang. This is because we take care of the people that go with us and take care of their comfort level. Along the way, we will guide you about different places and how you can get cheap Durians in bulk quantity.

Try travelling with us for a change and make your trip secured.

Remember: The trip itinerary is conditioned upon a private booking and while we take you to Durian farms, you will have to pay for your Durian expenses.

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