A Durian Hunter’s Checklist

You must have heard about the hype of the ‘king of fruits’, as per standards of South East Asians. Durians are amazing however, if you want to try Durians on your own and become a Durian Hunter, you need to have certain items so that we can say that you are ready for a Durian hunting trip: 

1. Water

Finding Durian all by yourself is a challenging task and one must always have water to keep themselves hydrated.

Also, sometimes Durians don’t appeal to your liking and you may find yourself choking on the fruit. To regain a thrust of a refresh, keep water and juice with you.

2. Knife

Maybe you are strolling the farms of Penang or found a Durian seller. Craving for an indigenous experience, you feel the urge to rip apart the Durian from your own knife

Keep a pocket knife with you. It will make it easier to remove the outer covering and then, enjoy the fruit.

3. Knowing The Types

All Durians are not the same. There are 30 registered types of Durians and if you are not aware about types of Durians, a fruit seller may trick you, into eating a Durian which you have already eaten.

Watch informative YouTube videos or read ‘Types of Durians’ on the internet.

4. Backpack

There is a reason why Durians are banned in many public places, including Singapore’s Mass Rapid Transit. You simply cannot walk with a Durian in your hand. Other people may feel their noses getting clogged, finding it difficult to breathe. In other places, this gesture might seem rude.

Wear a backpack and store your Durians inside. It would also be best if you cover it with a polythene bag and then, store it in your backpack.

5. Durian Related Places of Pahang

Certain places such as Bentong, Sungai Dua, Karak, Raub and Sungai Klau are famous for their Durian. Know their locations and their Durian spots to try the best Durians of Malaysia.

6. Perfume

Perfumes and deodorants go a long way. Even if Durians have made contact with your hands and clothes, their ‘fragrance’ will last for a long time and many people may find it difficult to be near you.

Have perfumes and deodorants in your backpacks. As a safety treatment, wash your hands after eating Durian and then, spray perfume over yourself, in order to nullify the stench.

7. Popular Phrases of Malaysian Language

You need to know popular phrases of Malaysian language as not everyone in Malaysia is well versed in spoken English.

To convey your demands easily to fruit sellers and local people, try learning some Malaysian vocabulary. People will appreciate you, embracing the local culture, as well as you will find it easy to have a go at your particular types of Durians.

8. Camera

A Durian hunter won’t be a true Durian hunter if he/she does not have a camera to capture his/her live moment.

A good Durian hunter would film themselves eating different types of Durians and then, post it on their social media as well as on their blogs so that other peoples are inspired to eat the ancient fruit.

Without a camera or writing pad to capture one’s moments, one simply cannot call themselves a true Durian Hunter.