Why You Must Eat Durian At-Least Once?


Durian is a South East Asian delicacy which has polarized views. Fans of one side are hard lovers of Durian fruit, in terms of taste and smell while others absolutely cannot bear its sight.

Unfortunately, many people cannot stand the natural fragrance of Durian. Some food critics are of the opinion about its smell is the combination of turpentine oils and onions, mixed with gym sock.

Due to its strong ‘fragrance’, it is banned on Singapore RMT – Rapid Mass Transit.

But, here is why you should eat Durian at least once in your life:

The Hype Is Real

While others compare the smell to turpentine and onions, others feel it is equal to kissing one’s grandmother.

With so many mouths, come so many opinions but one thing stands true among all others. The hype is real and with everyone forming their own point of view, you need to taste it.

If you don’t taste it and got scared, you will spend all your life thinking about the taste of Durian fruit.

It Is Native to South East Asia

Durian is a fruit native to South East Asia so expect a very narrow chance of finding Durian in other countries. It comes in a round shape of green, beige and yellow, surrounded by prickly thorns.

You need to peel off the outer hard skin, in order to find the delicate fruit inside.

What Durian Tastes Like?

People who have eaten Durian describe the inner fruit as a combination of sweet savory, with bit of cream. Compared to a mixture of whipped cream and caramel, it does not sound so bad.

Now see, here is the contradiction. Comparing the awful stench in terms of old gym socks, with tasty key ingredients of many dishes such as caramel and whipped cream makes it all the while more controversial and more fun to eat Durian fruit.

This proves one thing though: Even if Durian fruit has some sort of potent smell, it tastes actually nice and you need to try it so that you could boast about tasting a native South East Asian delicacy.

Try it, it will be fun.

Durian Is Healthy

Durian comes with a ton of healthy nutrients. It can help you sleep better, due to presence of tryptophan – an amino acid which enhances melatonin levels inside human body.

If melatonin level is raised inside the body, it will be easier for you to fall asleep.

Compounds of Durian

Researchers have found out that Durian fruit has fruity ethyl (2S)-2-methylbutanoate and oniony 1-(ethyl sulfanyl) ethane thiol.

These types of compounds are also found in cooked beef, dried squids and various yeast extractions but those compounds do not smell like Durian fruit. Even if you take apart individual compounds of all Durian fruits, they won’t give off that particular fragrance but only in a collective mixture, you will receive the gift of Durian smell.

Durian is also a good source of potassium, which helps control your blood pressure. With all the controversy surrounding Durian, it is only fair you taste the South East Asian ‘king of fruits’ and develop your own opinion, instead of reading articles off the internet.